Boost Your Push Up Workout with this Equipment

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Push-ups are undoubtedly the best body weight exercises for training the entire upper body mainly the chest and shoulders. There are several variations which work the muscles in different ways.

There are some fitness equipment which help to get the most from this exercise such as push up bars.

The push up equipment above boost your chest training into a higher level as it combines two sorts of push up types the rotating push ups and the sliding chest fly. The two plates of this machines let you to work more muscles, more efficiently. This way you will be able to do a comlte chest building training without going to the gym.

Besides, it lets you to perform other pushup variations. For example, you can use the pad to perform forearm fly and punch up movements which are also very efficient to to train chest muscles.

A really useful feature of this equipment is that it let us to set 7 locking positions to control the width of the motion. This way, beginners as well as pros can find the proper width for their training.

Anyway, this push up machines was developed by the Navy Seal to provide better push up training for their soldiers.

Features of this Push Up Equipment

Sliding Track Safely Simulates Chest Fly
Removable Pushup Stands
Locks in Place in 7 Positions
Easy-Pull Pins Quickly Separate Tracks
Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
Adjust Range of Motion with Safety Stop
Digital Workout

More about this push up machine here:

Overall, if you need a machine to perform more efficient push workouts Rip Deck can be a good solution for you. You can do a complete chest workout even if you are at home.