SpeedFit – SpeedFit System ESPN2 – Alex Astilean

This two in one chart, the ASTILEAN MATRIX™ Virtual Coach, serves as your Personal Trainer, as well as indicator of your fitness level through a Fitness Score® Index. This chart represents the essence of the SPEEDFIT experience, a patent pending Physical Fitness System created by Alex Astilean a former World Class Athlete.
  In this system, made just for reshaping your body based on a single, simple idea, he de-emphasizes Long Distance in exercise and promotes Speed in its place.      “Achievement should not be based on a length of the distance you are able to run but on reducing the amount of time you need to run a shorter distance”.
  By focusing on shorter distances at the faster pace, Alex Astilean created a routine that benefits people more quickly and more profoundly, that will revolutionize how we think about exercise and will change an overweight society into a fit one in a single generation.              
  He is the first one to introduce a low impact /short time frame running system into fitness saying that ” Too much running wears out your body instead of keeping it fit”.
  High intensity, sprint running on the balls of the feet is a radical departure from all previous methodologies, which have never succeeded in reflecting the actual State of Your Health. Fitness will no longer be based on age, weight, height, pulse, calories burned, oxygen consumed (VO2max), BMI, Heart Rate or any other fitness factor you may be familiar with.
SPEEDFIT establishes the first true measure of fitness and is based on Your Potential, and nothing more. Actually, it is the only physical system creating standardized levels of fitness based solely on your potential. All fitness experts base their workout routines “according to your fitness level”, but the statement has never been defined. Everybody uses the maxim “depending on your fitness level” but nobody knows what that really is.  
Alex Astilean has challenged all of these commonly used benchmarks by creating three new dimensions for measuring fitness which are ???