Deluxe Power Rack Sale and Review – Best Machine for Home Gym

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There is no question that a power rack is among the most useful home fitness equipment which let us to work the entire body with weight training or with body weight exercises. It is a must have tool for bodybuilding.

There are many power cages available today which we can buy on pretty affordable price, but there are only a few which offers a lot more features than the others. Generally,a squat stand or a smith machine only lets us to do squats, dead lifts or other exercises with barbell.

This power rack provides far more options to have strength workouts at home. As you see above it has a many extra features.

For example, it comes with a dip stand which lets us to work the shoulders and triceps.

In addition, it is included with an adjustable bench which allows to do bench press with barbell or dumbbells which is the most important exercise for upper body training.

On top of that, this power rack has a pull up section which let us to do various body weight back exercises.

This way this machine is great for weight training as well as body weight training making it a really useful part of your home gym.

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